Mahira Sharma Interview Viral Video On YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Why It is Trending On Social Media?

Ask for the recent reports interview has been taken for this Punjabi model-actress known as Mahira Sharma who was also a contestant of Bigg Boss which has been telecast did on Colours TV and it has been said after she has been criticizing Shahnaz Gill on social media platform she was walking out of the interview however media was following her and many of the interview words asked her about her weight gain. She was looking quite unconscious when the question was asked. She has a very great amount of fan following on her Instagram profile and it is being said then she use to criticize Shahnaz Gill. This particular video where people are asking her about her weight has been getting viral on a social media platform. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Mahira Sharma Interview Viral Video

When the interviewees ask her the same question about her weight gain journey earlier she use to look very slim now she has changed a lot and many of the interviewees are passing comment on her body weight. The particular journalist was a cameraman when he focuses on her and showed her face and ask her about her weight gain journey. However earlier she used to criticize Shahnaz kill for her weight and her fans also but now Karma has taken it to place everyone is saying that earlier she used to call Shahnaz to kill for her weight now she has been falling since she has appeared in front of the media.

Mahira Sharma: Wikipedia & Biography

And everyone is asking about her weight she was a contestant in Bigg Boss 13. Many of the users twitted that Karma has taken place Mahila Sharma used to body shame Sana on the Bigg Boss platform for her weight now she has been slammed by the same thing by the media in front of everyone but Mira Sharma has a great fan following and everyone supports her and they also say that they do not want to spread any hate for her and recently and it is said that she is collaborating with BTS a famous Korean brand but this was a particular rumor for her to Grab attention.

Mahira Sharma: Age, Instagram & Net Worth

Currently, she is being targeted in high lighting in front of the media and it is seen that she was wearing a black outfit and it was very normal she was wearing a black top and black pants with her open hair. However, when she was walking out everyone around her started asking her questions, and then the camera was on her when the journalist started taking her interview but people are saying that you have no right to ask someone about their weight and d about their body

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