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Make sure you do this immediately you lose your phone or ATM card



Many has lost their phones or ATM cards due to bad luck or carelessness. To some others, their ATM cards or phones were stolen by people either to wicked them or to be used for different bad things.

Most times, the problem is not only that these gadget are just stolen, but are used to render one’s bank account useless and bankrupt. You may be perplexed on how possible it is until you a fall a victim. Online scammers are increasing in numbers day by day with new tricks and cheats. They can act beyond one’s imaginations and expectations and before you will realise it, it might have been too late. Whether a victim or a yet to be victim, this article is for you.

But behold! Here comes a good news! There is no need to panic when your phone or ATM card is stolen.

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What you have to do is to forget crying and lamenting and rush to your bank and meet the customer care. Narrate your story to them and request they block or freeze your account. You will be given a form to fill as an evident of authorization from you. After freezing the account, no transaction can be made with the account; thus, your money is safe and sound.

There won’t be need to start tracking or tracing scammers who might have withdrew the money from your account because it takes time and truthfully,it is no good experience because it is time demanding, requires resources and causes inconvenience.

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When you buy new phone and a new or welcome back sim or get a new ATM card, you can then unfreeze your bank account and start transacting with your account.