Mamta Learns About Ranveer’s Job

sirf tum

The episode of Sirf Tum starts with Vikrant talking to someone on the phone angrily. Meanwhile, Suhani comes and bumps into Vikrant. The latter gets angry and lashes out at her. He tells her that she is not allowed to roam around the house. Vikrant asks her to stay in a corner only. Suhani gets upset and apologizes to him. Vikrant says that he does not want her sorry. Ranveer comes and says that Vikrant does not even deserve a sorry. Ranveer brings water and throws it at Vikrant’s coat. Suhani gets shocked.

Ranveer goes on to instigate Vikrant. He asks him to vent out his anger at him if he wants. Vikrant does not understand his action. Asha watches the scene too. In the next scene, Mamta comes and scolds Ranveer for insulting his father. Asha gets irritated and leaves. Ranveer apologizes to Suhani on Vikrant’s behalf. Suhani tells him that Mamta is telling him the right thing. She says that she is living on rent and has no relationship with Ranveer besides being his tenant. Suhani gets teary eyes as she requests Mamta to sort things up with Ranveer.

Later, Ranveer and Suhani meet in the college. He asks Suhani why is she losing her temper nowadays and asks her if anything is wrong. Suhani says that he could not speak in front of Riya but now is giving lectures to her. Ranveer tells Suhani that Riya was joking and that he only loves her. Suhani gets triggered and asks if that is the case why did he not come to his wedding. Ranveer gets stunned. He does not say anything and leaves. On another hand, Mamta also goes to college. She finds Ranveer training players.

Ansh tells Mamta that Ranveer can not play anymore as he has been rusticated. He adds that Ranveer can not become the captain of the team but can become the coach. Mamta gets shocked to learn about Ranveer doing a job in the college. Mamta talks to Ranveer about hiding his job from her. He promises to explain everything to her later. Mamta tells Vikrant about Ranveer doing a job. Vikrant gets upset as he wanted him to handle the business instead. Vikrant tells Mamta that Ranveer even signed the contract on which it was written he can not become a doctor and have to handle his business. Mamta gets shocked. Follow for updates.

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