Man hacked his wife with a machete video reddit, Caught On Camera As Disturbing Footage

A video of a New York man (a former pastor) stabbing his wife with a machete was caught on camera and, according to multiple reports, is going viral. Find out more shocking details about the heinous crime.

Sharing and posting gory images or videos and inappropriate torture scenes in any way is immoral and prohibited in any form. We urge viewers and readers to report such activities and sites that directly and knowingly share explicit and disturbing content.

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A video of a former New York pastor killing his wife with a machete has gone viral on many Gore sites, so we urge viewers to be wary of such disturbing content related to crimes of torture.

Victor Mateo, the killer of his wife, attacked her outside her Bronx-area home.

On October 3, 2019, Victor parked his car in front of his wife’s Throgs Neck Home and as she was leaving to take her grandson to school, Victor mercilessly attacked her and took his car from her Run over twice.

In front of his grandchildren, aged 11 and 9, he pulled a machete from his car and brutally slashed his wife, the most inhumane crime ever committed.

According to the Bronx District Attorney, Victor and his wife were estranged for more than a month before Victor committed such a heinous and sinister crime. Victor pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter on November 17, 2021.

After the brutal attack or murder, Victor fled the scene but was in his wife’s car. A few days later, he was arrested in Hazeltown, Pennsylvania.

The convicted felon is the former pastor of The Redeemer Church, a Bronx-area-based and active Christian congregation.

A viral video of a New York man attacking his wife in his vehicle and brutally slashing her with a machete is being removed by authorities because of the graphic and violent content it shares.

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Disturbing footage is banned by all parties, and this unethical sharing should be banned at all costs.

The former Savior Church priest from the Bronx, New York, not only killed his wife outside Throgs Neck’s home, but he also carved the sinister combination of his crimes into the innocent minds of his two grandchildren, who were lovingly grandmother to school.

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