Home Entertainent&Celebrity Man in wig throws cake at glass protecting Mona Lisa #MonaLisa

Man in wig throws cake at glass protecting Mona Lisa #MonaLisa

Man in wig throws cake at glass protecting Mona Lisa
A man seemingly disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum and shouted at people to think of planet Earth. The Paris prosecutorโ€™s office said Monday that the 36-year-old man was detained following Sundayโ€™s incident and sent to a police psychiatric unit. An investigation has been opened into the damage of cultural artifacts. Videos posted on social media showed a young man in a wig and lipstick who had arrived in a wheelchair. The man, whose identity was unknown, was also seen throwing roses in the museum gallery to slack-jawed guests. The cake attack left a conspicuous white creamy smear on the glass but the famous work by Leonardo da Vinci wasnโ€™t damaged. Security guards were filmed escorting the wig-wearing man away as he called out to the surprised visitors in the gallery: โ€œThink of the Earth! There are people who are destroying the Earth! Think about it. Artists tell you: think of the Earth. Thatโ€™s why I did this.โ€ Guards were then filmed cleaning the cake from the glass. A Louvre statement confirmed the attack on the artwork involving a โ€œpatisserie.โ€ The 16th-century Renaissance masterpiece has seen a lot in its over-500 years in existence. The painting was stolen in 1911 by a museum employee, an event which increased the paintingโ€™s international fame. It was also damaged in an acid attack perpetrated by a vandal in the 1950s, and has since been kept behind glass. In 2009, a Russian woman who was angry at not being able to get French citizenship threw a ceramic cup at it, smashing the cup but not harming the glass or the painting.


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