Man jumps off bridge memphis tn – Man Jumps Off a Bridge in Memphis: Video Viral twitter

A disturbing video showing a man jumping off a bridge in Memphis, Tennessee has gone viral. Video shows the man raising his arms as he stands on an overpass on I-40 in Memphis, Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Then he jumped up.

Man jumps off bridge memphis tn – Man Jumps Off a Bridge in Memphis: Video Viral twitter image 104

The video was widely shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. Sensitive to suicide prevention. If you or a loved one need help or have thoughts of hurting yourself, please contact us for help. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours a day at 800-273-8255. Available in English, Spanish and other languages.

Heavy doesn’t embed the video because it’s disturbing; it shows the man jumping off a bridge, albeit from a distance. The video has been widely shared on Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms and can be accessed here. The Twitter user who posted it wrote: β€œA man jumped off a bridge in Memphis today. SMH RIP #Suicides #SuicidePrevention #suicide #RIP #memphis.” It was viewed thousands of times on the Google mobile app and was become a trend.

β€œOh, look at him. He’s going to—” one of the people in the video says when you see the guy standing on the bridge. Then he appeared to jump off the bridge. The person in the video screamed loudly.

In the comments below the Twitter video, people expressed their grief for the man. Here are some of those comments:

β€œIt’s a disgrace to everyone involved. Enjoy time with friends and family, we are all we have.”

β€œI hope he finds peace. Best wishes.”

β€œWhy post this!?? He has family, friends, etc! Who wants to know that his loved ones just go away! Then see what the hell is going on with it! So sad! For the family and believing this is the way out people pray.”

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