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Man rapes 13 year old children and says he enjoys them (Video)



This man rapes young girls at the age of about 13 to 14 years old and after he says, he is enjoying it.

This is very sad and badly representing the male gender to the world and heartbreaking those young girls whom they are all still having a bright future.

He is found for raping those girls at a hotel and that is where he does all those unspeakable things to those young girls who proberly don’t know anything about sexual activities.

Those ladies who also caught him at that hotel, are very angry and disappointed at him. One of those ladies talking on the video, she did not reveal her face, she was boiling like a metal.

That one lady said if it was her trying to rape, she would cut his manhood and because that is what it may be causing all this rapes around the province of Gauteng or at least in Gauteng.

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His actions, may be showing that, he is fearing to have a challenge with grown women. Men’s conference should be a big conference that the government should also participate to eradicate and combat raping.

Those young girls he has allegedly raped and in reference to that other one she has just raped, she was seen to be bleeding during the the rape situation.

The rapist is still fresh and hot because, he has blood on his pants at that hotel. Those ladies asked him, that where he comes from they are no women he can endure his needs with them.

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What should happen to this man for his actions?

watch video.



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