Man Refusing to Let Pregnant Woman Sit in Empty Bus Seat Viral Video

Man Refusing to Let Pregnant Woman Sit in Empty Bus Seat

A pregnant woman has shared a story about her experience on a bus on Reddit that has gone viral. A 30-year-old woman has recently shared a story where she spoke about not getting a seat on public transport as one person decided to place his hand on an empty seat. As surprising as it may sound, the news is true. The woman who is eight-month-old shared that while returning from work, she took a bus that has only one seat vacant. However, she could not sit since a man sitting on the seat next to the vacant seat placed his hand on the empty seat.

At first, the woman got confused and did not understand what is he even doing. She politely asked the man to move his hand but the man said the seat was taken and went on to tell her that her pregnancy is not his problem. The woman whose name is not identified stated that her legs were burning and her back was hurting and had enough. The woman decided to go ahead and sit in his hand making him freak out as he tried to remove it quickly. The man shouted at me, the woman explained.

As if that was not enough, the woman also disclosed she later faced the wrath of her husband when she told him about the incident. According to the woman, her husband sided with the man on the bus in the argument. The story on Reddit has been going viral ever since. Poeple are discussing it and are sharing their respective opinion on the matter. Needless to say, the woman is garnering a lot of support from the people who are praising her for what she did.

People also seem to bash both the men in the story, her husband, and the passenger on the bus that misbehaved with her. One user wrote what did the man expect after placing his hand on the empty seat saying the seat has been taken by his hands and added that woman did the right thing. Apart from this, one story is also going viral on Reddit where a teenage girl refused to give her seat to a pregnant woman. However, the 18-year-old did not do this to relax or something but because of her leg injuries that she had gotten in a road accident a few months ago. What would you do if you face such a situation?

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