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A rumor referring to the passing of former American first lady Michelle Obama’s mother turned widespread on the internet in 2020.

Without conducting any fact-checking, fairly a couple of websites and knowledge retailers produced a headline regarding the story and declared it to be breaking info. Michelle’s mother, Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson, who was first believed to be deceased, handed away on the age of 84.

She moreover stipulated in her her will and testament that her son Michael Robinson Obama should get each little factor. People started questioning Michelle Obama as quickly as the knowledge unfold on-line.


1 Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson Is Not Michelle Obama’s Mother, Death Hoax On Twitter
2 Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson’s Age
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Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson Is Not Michelle Obama’s Mother, Death Hoax On Twitter

It comes out that Michelle Obama, the partner of the forty fourth president of the United States, won’t be the child of Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson. Marian Shields Robinson, her natural mother, is a healthful, respiratory particular person.

A publish on the ObamaWatcher site from October 22, 2019, claimed that Michelle Obama’s mother had handed away and left Michael an inheritance. It acknowledged, “Mary McGillicuddy Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, passed away at the age of 84. She passed away quietly while sleeping.”

This wasn’t a pure event, though. The essay was revealed on a site recognized for its humorous or satirical content material materials. The article moreover makes use of a improbable, unsupported conspiracy concept referring to the gender id of the earlier first lady.

Following the hoax, a wide range of assumptions are made referring to Michelle’s gender, with some even calling her “transgender” or a “guy.” All the proof based on bogus info was launched by the Judgement Center YouTube channel in a 17-minute video titled “Proof Michelle Obama is a Man.”

Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson’s Age

If the tales are to be believed, she died in 2019 on the age of 84. She will because of this reality be close to 87 years earlier in 2022, compared with Marian Shields Robinson’s 84 years this 12 months.

Marian Lois Robinson was born on July 29, 1937, to African-American dad and mother Purnell Nathaniel Shields and Rebecca Jumper in Chicago, Illinois, inside the United States.

Fraser Robinson III and Marian Robinson welcomed Craig and Michelle into their family in 1960 when Marian was 23 years earlier. The title Craig Malcolm is well-known amongst basketball followers in America.

More On Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson Wikipedia Facts

A fantasy, Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson. There hasn’t been any concrete knowledge on the person up until this degree. Furthermore, it’s additional probably that no precise particular person by that title exists.

It is merely a made-up moniker that the creator of false knowledge used to defame Michelle Obama. Her mother’s distinctive title Marian was a bit blended into “Mary,” the middle title was modified to the absurd time interval “Mcgillicuddy,” and the ultimate title remained the similar.

To assist enhance her grandchildren, Marian Shields Robinson, a former monetary establishment employee, finally labored as a helper on the White House. Fraser, her accomplice, died in 1991.

Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson’s Net Worth

Rumor has it that Robinson has a checking account with the $12 million taxpayers paid to watch Malia and Sasha whereas she lived inside the White House, three residences in Illinois, one in Mississippi, and completely different valuables.

Marian Shields Robinson, Michelle’s begin mother, is believed to have an internet worth of decrease than $1 million.

According to a report revealed on the Boston Tribune site on October 17, 2016, Marian Robinson, the mother of First Lady Michelle Obama, will get hold of a $160,000 annual pension for the rest of her life from the federal authorities for elevating the First Couple’s youngsters all through Barack Obama’s presidency.

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