Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches: Recipe Explained

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches: Recipe Explained: Every year we hear about the tasty sandwiches sold in the stands of Augusta National Golf Club and we never get enough of these tasty sandwiches. Dougie Milne said during the 2022 Masters, “I have witnessed so much of those sandwiches last week and I probably could not eat any of them.” Milne is from Jacksonville, Florida. The Master Pimento Chees sandwich is one of the six offerings available for purchase at the concession stands at Augusta National Golf Club. Keep reading this article to learn in detail about the aforementioned sandwich in the below-placed sections. You will get to read everything about this topic in the coming sections so stay on this page for a while and take a peek below. Follow More Update On

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

The other offerings are The Master Club, Egg Salad sandwich, Chicken Salad on Brioche, Ham and Chees on Rye sandwich, and Classic Chicken sandwich. Among all the sandwiches Pimento Cheese sandwich is the most preferred and famous sandwich that comes in a green packet. As it is the most liked sandwich it is also the toughest to make, according to Milne. Look at the next section to read what Milne discovered about the Pimento Cheese.

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches Recipe 

He said, “it is difficult because after they make Pimento Cheese sandwich they placed it in a freezer, and if it gets thick and tough after freezing. And sometimes you also have to wait for it to melt and get softer enough. Sometimes it also ripped the bread after getting too thick and tough.” To make each sandwich uniform it is being weighed. One sandwich is about 4.25 ounces but in rare cases, the bread becomes a little thicker which led to weighing more. He further added that it is not difficult to make Pimento Cheese but the challenge is to make the quantity. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Dougie Milne served in Masters tournament operations making sandwiches from Thursday to Sunday. The sandwiches-making procedure is housed on Washington Road in a shopping center. Milne said that it is a giant building it looks like a Publix, half position of it is just for making sandwiches, and another half of big freezers to keep the sandwiches cold. There is also a dining area and a big kitchen. He also claimed that more than 100,000 sandwiches were made per night. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

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