MBC Starts Big-Budget Saudi Series ‘Rise Of The Witches

MBC studioMBC Group’s in-house premium content production department has begun production of the fantasy adventure “Rise of the Witches,” the largest series ever produced by a native Saudi actor, with the largest special effects budget in Saudi production ever produced. supporter NEOMthe series is being filmed in three purpose-built studios, including Saudi Arabia’s largest purpose-built location to date.

Based on the best-selling Saudi mythology book Osama al muslimthe series is set in ancient Arabia and tells the story of an epic war between two rival witch societies led by Afsaar and Da’ja’a.

Growing up in a world dominated by male magicians who want to prevent women from gaining any magical powers, both witches learn the arts in secret and go on to form their own groups to protect themselves and gain power.

Allah said: “The Witch Rising is a truly homegrown production with recognizable new faces, with talent on and off the camera from our own MBC Academy and MBC Talent Centre. The series will no doubt become a household name actor – the An excellent fantasy adventure not to be missed.”


new look Iron ThroneWhat will be seen in the HBO/Sky “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon” has already started its UK tour from the Tower of London. The Iron Throne is the ultimate symbol of conquest, forged from the sharp blades of Aegon Targaryen’s vanquished foes after his conquest of Westeros. The 12ft by 10ft throne, dressed in Targaryen flags, will tour London, Cardiff, and other locations in Edinburgh in August.

The long-awaited prequel will be available on HBO and Sky and streaming service Now on August 21st from August 22nd. It will have its UK physical premiere next week in London’s Leicester Square.

Jamie East, co-host of Sky Atlantic’s “Thronecast” and “Dragon House Premiere Special,” said: “200 years before the events of ‘Game of Thrones’, “Dragon House” will take fans to the heights of Westeros Targaryen rule. We’ll find a larger, more decadent Iron Throne, made of the twisted and melted sword that Targaryen used to defeat his enemies, symbolizing Tan Grian’s tremendous power and influence at this time.”


Mundra said: “Siya reveals the hypocrisy behind the crimes endured by countless women. The number of these crimes is staggering and seems to be growing every day. We want to empower women to be able to pass this film. Stand up and speak out. Drishyam Films has always supported films with compelling topics and a message to fans, and ‘Siya’ will follow suit. We want audiences to understand the relevance of our films and have a say in it.”

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