Medico anestesista preso em flagrante brasil video original completo reddit

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An anesthesiologist was arrested and wanted for rape in the early hours of Monday (11). According to investigators, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra abused a patient while she was taking medication and undergoing a cesarean section at the Vilar dos Teles Women’s Hospital in São João de Meriti, Baixada Fluminense (see above).

Medico anestesista preso em flagrante brasil

The arrest was made by Bárbara Lomba, a representative of the São João de Meriti Women’s Aid Police Department, when health department employees filmed Bezerra’s participation in the delivery while the anesthesiologist placed her penis in her mouth. the patient.

The Regional Medical Board of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) initiated procedures to investigate the case and take administrative measures.

The team had been suspicious of the anesthesiologist’s behavior and found it odd, for example in the amount of sedative used on pregnant women. Hospital staff changed behavior in the delivery room to film him. Giovanni was charged with raping a vulnerable person and received sentences of eight to 15 years.

On Sunday (10), the doctors had already attended two more surgeries in a room where hidden records were impossible. In the third operation of the day, the team managed to change rooms at the last minute, hide the phone and confirm the operation.

After being detained, the anesthesiologist remained silent. g1 tries to contact Bezerra’s defense. Staff Working With Physicians Arrested For Suspected Sedative Abuse Rape, Police Say Cremerj opens deportation proceedings

The regional medical council of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) began the process of expulsion of anesthesiologists on Monday (11). Cremerj president Clovis Bersot Munhoz said “these scenarios are ridiculous.”

The Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of State for Health, to which the Hospital da Mulher de Vilar dos Teles, in São João de Meriti, is attached, denied the actions of the anesthesiologist in a note.

“We inform you that in addition to informing Cremerj, an internal investigation will be launched for administrative measures. The Hospital da Mulher team is providing all the support to the victims and their families,” they said.

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