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Meet Emeka Abugu The Blind Nigerian Mechanic



So If this blind man did not give up about his dreams in life, what excuse do you have. Meet Emeka Abugu, a 37-year-old visually impaired mechanic from Enugu in Ezike town, south-eastern Nigeria. Emeka Abugu, who lost his sights from childhood to measles, it was reported that there was no drugs for measles at that time in their community leaving Emeka Abugu, blind and was told by doctors that his blindness is untreatable.

Emeka Abugu, said he learned using tools through a little spanner he inherited from his father who has a bicycle and gradually he started perfecting his skills and that was how he started fixing things, he told BBC Africa.

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Emeka Abugu, was asked how will he see what he is repairing, he said that, any work that was given to him he see it spiritually first. He also said that before, he start to work he tried to visualize how the parts were manufacture from the factory and place them in their rightful positions.

Emaka Abugu, who has seven children and does all his mechanic work without assistance from anyone, said his greatest achievement is its family and he loves them a lot, he also advice people to vaccinate their children.

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