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Meet Laungi Bhuiyan, The Old Man Who Spent 30 Years Digging A Water Canal To Save His Village



I still don’t know whether to call this an act of stupidity or heroism.

This old man named Laungi Bhuiyan, otherwise known as the “Canal Man” has been digging a 3 kilometer water canal for 30years now just to channel water to his village, kothilawa, a village in India.

The funniest part is that he has been using simple farms tools for the digging, and for over 30 years now this is what he has been using.

The remote village of Kothilawa, in the Lahthua area of Gaya district, although has been Suffering from water shortages, due to the fact most of the rain water falling in the ne arby hills and mountains do not flow into their villages but channels it self to near by rivers. This situation therefore demands that the villagers have to go and source for water in the outside lands.

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This reason trigged the move of some residents to a new and favorable environment. But while others were living this man decided to stay behind and find a lasting solution to this problem, instead of running away like the others. According to the old man, this thought came to him 30 years ago.

With this, Laungi Bhuiyan decided to dig a canal to bring the water from the hills to a pond which was closer to his village.

With no help this man decided to start the digging on his own, and today both villagers and animals have been benefiting from his years of hard work.

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people from far and near in hearing his story decided to see for their self and to their surprise, they saw his work.

His story has now spread all over the world and huge media company are now carrying up the story.

Should we call this an act of heroism or stupidity?