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Meet Taiwo Hassan Ogogo, The Actor Who Prays His Wife Forgives Him For Marrying A Second Wife.



Marrying two wives as a Muslim isn’t a big deal, it is allowed but I have seen men who are Muslims and they do not fancy marrying many women.

Buhari is a Muslim and he didn’t marry another woman until he divorced his first wife.

For many reasons, Alhaji Taiwo Hassan is loved, he is 60 years old and he is a veteran in the entertainment industry.

Owo Blow was that movie that burst him into the movie world as it was a movie more like Robinhood although he has been acting since 1981 on part time before becoming a full time actor in 1994.

He has been known as an action man since then, taking daring roles and proving to be a very disciplined man. He is from Ilaro, Ogun state and he is a father of 6 Children.

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I just find it strange when a Muslim man seems to ask God for forgiveness because he married the second time, common, but I guess it is just a personal virtue and attribute.

I just think it is a thing of conscience because to me, it is normal, but it was strange when he said ” When my mother was alive, she took good care of her.

“God is the only one that can forgive us our sins and I pray that he forgives me.

“I also pray my wife forgives me.” I mean, asking for forgiveness from God who said you can marry 4.

He’s a very good man for this attitude because some men will still stand on the right that they can do what they want since they are under the permissible law to do so.

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