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Meet The Bodi Tribe Who Compete to be the Fattest in the Village by Drinking Blood and Milk.



Ethiopia is a land of many cultures that have been preserved despite western civilization along the lower omo Valley River in Southern Ethiopia resides one of the kinds. The Bodi Tribe.

The Bodi or me’en is the name of a semi no madiac Tribe living in the omo Valley, about 140km from Jina town southern Ethiopia, the Bodi speak Bodi language as their mother tongue and they are agriculturalist who still engage in trade by barter system.In Ethiopia, men from Bodi Tribe compete to be the Fastest in the Village by Drinking a gruesome mixture of blood and milk in isolation for 6 months, thus pastoral people reserve their cows, their cows are very special to them that its blood together with fresh milk is a source of food for this people. Rather than kill the cows, they make a hole in one of its veins to get the blood out and close it back with clay.

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the Ka’el ceremony is a competition for men who are not yet married which involves drinking the blood mixture. The men drink the two little bowl of blood and milk quickly before its coagulates and they drink the milk and blood all day long.

The ceremony involves hours walking in a circle around a sacred tree watched by men and helped by women, once the fattest man has been chosen, the ceremony ends with the slaughter of a cow using a huge stone.

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