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Meet The man who said he doesn’t eat nor drink for 70 years. (Photos)



Here is another article by pillerboy on the man who once claimed he has not eating anything up to 70 years. His name is Prahlad Jani who claims to have not drunken or eaten anything since he was touched by the goddess Amba at the age of eleven.


He claims to have lived without food or drink for 70 years. He was observed in a Gurjarat hospital. Then he claims to be a breatharian — someone who does not need to eat or drink, because he draws nourishment from the air and meditation. As remarkable as his story is, i must tell you his not the first, nor the only, person to claim such a supernatural power. According to him, he left his home in Gurjarat at the age of seven to go and live in the jungle.

It was said that, at the age of 12, Jani underwent a spiritual experience and became a follower of the Hindu Goddess Amba. From then, he chose to dress as a female devotee of Amba, wearing a red sari-like garment, jewellery and crimson flowers in his shoulder-length hair.

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He was commonly known as mataji, he believed that the Goddess provided him with water which dropped down through a hole in his palate, which allowed him to live without food or drink. Since the 1970s, he had lived as a hermit in a cave in the forest in Gujarat. Jani died on 26 May 2020 at his native Charada. He was given samadhi in his ashram at Gabbar Hill near Ambaji on 28 May 2020.

After Jani died,Two observational studies and one imaging study of him was conducted. The observational studies were one in 2003 and one other 2010, both involving Dr. Sudhir Shah, a neurologist at the Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad , India, somebody who had studied people claiming to have exceptional abilities, including other fasters such as Hira Ratan Manek.

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To the greatest surprise, in both cases the investigators confirmed Jani’s ability to survive healthily without food and water during the testing periods, although neither study was submittedd. That is all I bring for you, what do you think about the Jani?

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