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Meet Top 20 payers with most Tattoos in football



Right from the late 90’s till today the world of football has seen footballer both retired and currently playing draw inks on their bodies, with many seeing as a kind of body decoration while others claim to have the inks drawn or painted on their body to symbolise special people, or things in their lives, therefore in this article we are going to be looking at players both past and present with the highest tattoos drawn on their bodies.

Here is our ranking of the 20

20. Gregory Kurtely Van de wiel: The former Netherlands defender believes his tattoos represents and reminds him of his loved ones, like his Mother, Father, Sisters and his native culture and design

19. Skertel: The former Liverpool midfielder is one of the gurus in the business of tattoos and doesn’t miss the chance to have one on, the bald hair style liking player makes sure to show his tattoo to the world where ever and when ever.

18. Alexander Kolarov: The former Manchester City defender is unique with his own style of play, and it is no doubt that he has got a beautiful ration

17. Marcus Rashford: The Manchester United forward Rashford is another player who has joined the ranks of tattoo bearers in the world of football, his designs runs through his hands, his back,his front nevertheless the Lad is still looking good and in shape for the upcoming match against Crystal palace

16. Neymar Jnr: His move from Dos Santos to Barcelona was surely an eye opener for the playmaker Neymar, having made a name for himself after the move Neymar now enjoys the pleasure of his heavy payments at PSG in both cars, cloths and body designs (tattoos).

15. David Beckham: He is the father of tattoos for football players right from 1999 , that was after the former Manchester United played had his son and wife’s name written on his arm, the by setting the pace for others to follow.

14. Raul Jose Trindade Meireles: One one the men who Could take the drawings down the thighs and legs and that is the retired Portuguese and Everton midfielder, who derives pleasure in having his tattoos in any part of his body where it will be visible with stressing himself to make it seen.

13. Kelvin Prince Boateng: The twin brother to Bayern Munich defender Boateng is another player who makes the list as his brother could not, the former Barcelona striker has got a flair for different types of tattoos and their designs.

12. Nigel de Jong: With the level of tattoos on his body coupled with his level of brutality in his game of football he is considered one of the bad boys in football, de Jong is one of those players whose tattoo is of the culture of his people and the truth is they always look good on him.

11. Ederson: He is one of the few goalkeepers on this list with those sort of tattoos on the body, he is one of those players whose tattoo runs across the neck and hands as well as the back, and would possibly have it drawn on his face if it is possible or rather if he wants.

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10. Sergio Ramos: The Real Madrid and Spain captain is another player who is a lover of the designs that tattoo artists pen on people’s body, giving no room for space on his body as almost every where is filled with tattoos Sergio Ramos is another man that cannot be missing from this list.

9. Marcos Rojo:The Argentine Manchester United defender is another who has the design of tattoos drawn on his body, the Manchester United man makes sure his tattoos always has a blend to his style and appearance when ever he puts it on.

8. Djibril Cisse: The retired France born striker is one of the persons that comes to mind when we talk about tattoos, he always enjoys the bragging rights of showing off brand new tattoos almost every week, and always makes sure there are unique designs.

7. Tim Howard: The United States of America and Everton goalkeeper is one of the few goalkeepers who has the design painted all over his body, the retired goalkeeper is therefore on this list.

6. Memphis Depay: The former Manchester United player and current Lyon captain is undoubtedly one of the players having the most fanciable tattoos in the history of football, with the head of a lion wonderfully drawn to his taste.

5. Autruo Vidal: For sure this list can never be complete without the former Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona player, taking off his shirt you would term him an armed robber but for Vidal it is just for the pleasure of the designs.

4. Radja Nainggolan: The Belgium international is one of the few Belgians with major of their upper body parts occupied by designs, even till the next where he has a flower drawn, he is also one of those who have tattoos on the front and back of his body.

3. Daniel Agger: The retired former Danish captain is a top notch personality when it comes to tattoos, making sure to possibly to change his every two months or there about hence he was once seen as one of the bad boys in football.

2. Maruo Icardi: The Argentine is the next in line to make this list, the handsome player also adores the decoration of the body hence he has the ink drawn on different parts of his body, though it must be said he still looks handsome with it.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The former Barcelona and Manchester United player top the ranks for having one of the most permanent tattoos on his body, for a fact the Swedish forward may be having the highest number of tattoos on his body.

Haven had a look and knowledge of our top 20 who do you think is missing from the list?

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