Melody Yadegar The Spouse Of Roby Yadegar Are They Married Or Divorced?

Melody Yadegar is best known as the wife of Los Angeles lawyer and businessman Roby Yadegar. Let’s talk more about their union and impending divorce now.

Originally from Beverly Hills, California, Robbie moved to Los Angeles to pursue his legal career. There he met Melotti and later married her.

Currently, the founder and managing director of Yadegar Law PC is an attorney living in Los Angeles. He founded the company in 2012 and has been profitable for the past 12 years.

The Los Angeles-based attorney is one of the most prestigious in the region, with expertise in a variety of fields, including family law, criminal law, financial law, and more.

Who is Robbie Yadgar’s wife Melody Yadgar? Check Wikipedia Bio

Melody Yadegar is a licensed attorney and certified fitness trainer, and wife of Los Angeles attorney Roby Yadegar.

Mrs. Yadegar is not only a lawyer but also a social media influencer and trainer. She is the owner of a gym in Beverly Hills, California.

In 2019, Mrs. Yadegar started working as a fitness trainer. So far, she has been working as a nutrition and fitness trainer. Also, she enjoys traveling and shopping.

The Los Angeles-based social media influencer is active on Instagram under the name @bodybymelody. She only opened her account three years ago, but already has 131 posts and 22.6k followers.

Age Difference Between Melody and Roby Yadegar

The age gap between Roby Yadegar and his wife Melody Yadegar is between 4 and 6 years. The couple has yet to reveal their birthday information.

Melody studied at the University of Southern California from 2005 to 2008, while Roby attended NYU Law School from 2003 to 2005. They all have law degrees.

Both have been successful in their personal careers, but recently, their personal lives have been rather difficult. They are reportedly contesting the divorce in court.

Robbie Yardgar Children’s Details

Both lovely lads belong to Roby Yadegar and are his descendants.

The Los Angeles-based attorney’s children live with their mother, making it impossible for him to get along with them. The lawyer is reportedly arguing in court to have his children with him.

Both of his children are currently minors and attend elementary school in California, USA. Although the children lived with their mother, his father was equally financially responsible.

Update on Roby and Melody Yadegar’s Divorce

Since Roby and Melody Yadegar is well-known personalities, their divorce case has received media attention.

The Los Angeles-based attorney filed for divorce from his girlfriend Melody in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 5, 2019. The couple are currently separated by a court decision.

After breaking up with Roby, Melody started working as a social media influencer and fitness trainer. Robbie continued to work as a lawyer during this period.

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