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Men: Stop eating Okra if you want live long and have kids.



Chances are that you’ve eating meal with Okra as an ingredient or as a meal. Okra is an important meal in Nigeria. It’s also a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and fibre.

With all this nutrients Okra seed contains a chemical called gassypol.

Medical Report has claimed that okra seeds contains some percentage of gassypol. Excess consumption can lead to male infertility and it’s also refer to as male contraceptive. Some tribes in Nigeria strongly believe that eating okra might prevent a man from fathering babies and there is some truth to this, however, we need more studies on the issue before we can confidently say that okra affects male fertility. We need more studies in ensuring that there is a definite link between the consumption of okra and male infertility.

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Not withstanding, Okra is nutritious as it contains various minerals and antioxidant.

What should I do?

We all know taking too much of something is bad. Excess intake of Okra is dangerous especially for men experiencing infertility and for women with irregular menses. They had to avoid okra for that moment as they are vulnerable to diarrhea and bloat. And some may develop kidney stones.

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