Mike Zobel Power dead and obituary, Force finale airs title card tribute

Who is Mike Zobel? Power Book IV: A Tribute to the Force Finale Playback Title Card

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For anyone wondering, Zobel is very important not only to the world of The Force but to the entire Chicago TV and film industry. He was a member of Teamsters Local 727 in town, where he worked as an auto crew for Force and many other shows. He played key behind-the-scenes roles in many of the features, and he worked hard to make the environment around the scene even better.

People like Zobel are very unsung heroes in the TV industry, and despite their time and hard work, they get very little publicity. Without a separate crew, there is no production. There are no transfers to set up, scenes can’t be lined up correctly, or things can go smoothly.

Judging by the tribute card to Zobel tonight, it’s clear how much the show’s producers appreciate him. It’s one of the highest honors any show can give itself, as it will be featured in all future streams and broadcasts on Starz and its app. Zobel passed away last year, but the Force made a conscious decision to wait until the finale to honor him. In a way, it’s a question of how to dedicate an entire season to him. Its effect is more obvious. When you work for a show like this, you and everyone around you become family.

We have a feeling that Mike’s influence will continue in the upcoming second season. After all, the beloved crew helped set the tone for future productions. In this way, they become positive role models that everyone can follow.

Our thoughts continue to be with Zobel’s friends and family during these difficult times. (Photo: Staz.)

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