Minal Modi dead and obituary, Lalit Modi’s wife Minal dies

Former Indian Premier League chairman Lalit Modi said that his wife Minal had finally found peace after she passed away on Monday, December 10. Modi, who is 53 years old, wrote on Twitter that Minal was his life and journey before she died.

Lalit Modi's wife Minal dies  Minal Modi dead and obituary, Lalit Modi’s wife Minal dies image 158

He also mentioned that he is sure that she will be watching over him and his family from heaven. Lalit Modi claimed that his wife had spent a considerable amount of her life fighting cancer, but did not reveal the reason for her death. He said that he would still be there for their children and promised to protect and care for them and love them.

Lalit Modi expressed his gratitude to his wife, Minal, in a heartfelt note. Minal had been battling cancer for more than a decade before she died on Monday. She and Lalit met in Delhi in the 80s, when she was still married to Jack Sagrani and was close to Modi’s mother, Bina.

Modi married his wife, Jashodaben, in October 1991 and the couple moved to Mumbai to start a family. Despite the controversy that surrounded their marriage back in Delhi (Modi’s parents’ home) and social circles, the couple went on to have two children, Ruchir and Aliya.

After IPL chief was accused of financial impropriety and left India in 2010, the couple made London their home. Jashodaben is Modi’s childhood sweetheart. Modi has been posting old pictures of Minal on Instagram and talking about nice memories of their past together. He also posted a picture of Grasim’s paints industry dream, asking what about other companies that are already doing well?

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