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The crimes against women are not stopping and are continuously witnessing a rapid increase. Be it the minor girls, or the elderly, the criminals are not leaving anyone of their criminal activities. In recent news, a watchman raped a 9-year-old girl in a government-run school in Bhopal. Yes, as shocking as it might sound, it happens to be the truth. The news has garnered a lot of attention from the netizens and has become the subject of discussion. In this article, check the complete details of the rape case and get updates.

According to reports, the horrifying incident happened in the school which is located in the Khoehefiza area, Bhubneshwar, on Friday, July 22, 2022. The news came to light after the girl’s parents registered a complaint in the area’s police station on Saturday. The officials have stated that at lunchtime, the girl had gone to the bathroom when she was grabbed by the watchman who molested her.

Minor Girl Allegedly Raped By Watchman

After attempting the gruesome crime, the accused fled while the girl started crying in pain. Other students saw the girl in pain and informed about her the school staff. After getting the information, the school staff reported the incident to the police and called them there. The little girl reportedly told the teachers that an uncle wearing a yellow T-shirt took her to the bathroom and forced her to take off her clothes.

The parents of the girl also came to know about the unfortunate news and without wasting any time, they went to the Khoehefiza police station to lodge a complaint. The victim identified the accused during the interrogation. He was Laxminarayan Dhanak, the watchman of the school. The cops soon arrested the culprit and took him to the station for further interrogation.

The police officials stated that the young girl had recently joined the school. Talking about the incident to the media, a police officer said that this is a serious issue that a girl was raped within the school premises. He added that their investigation, in this case, is ongoing and they are investigating other students as well to get any further information about the incident.

Besides, the school staff will also be interrogated as they employed the watchman without proper verification. Currently, the details related to the girl’s identity have not been shared by the officials. However, our site is trying to fetch some sort of information as soon as possible. Follow our site for other updates and news.

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