Missing From Glasgow Daniel Rooney Rutherglen Found Dead Or Alive? Find Out!

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During a missing man investigation, police found the body of a man they believe to be the missing person. This news has caused a stir among the relatives of his family and they still do not believe that the body belongs to him. Since the news broke, people are scared and worried about the family and are looking to find out if the body really belongs to the same person the police are looking for. If you also want to know about this and are looking for a legitimate website, then you are at the right place. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Daniel Rooney Rutherglen disappeared from Glasgow

The body has reportedly been discovered in the search for a man who was missing in Rutherglen. The missing person’s name is Daniel Rooney. According to the police or his family, he had not been watched since the night of Saturday, September 3, 2022 at around 10:40 p.m., and a request to locate him was filed shortly thereafter. On Sunday, September 4, 2022, the police claimed to have found the body in a place called Glasgow. Investigating officers said formal identification was still needed, although the family of Rooney, 37, was informed.

Missing from Glasgow Daniel Rooney Rutherglen found dead or alive?

A police spokesman states that “a body was discovered in Glasgow at the time of searches for the missing man named Daniel Rooney, who had been reported missing from the place called Rutherglen. The person’s body has yet to be formally identified, but Mr. Rooney’s family was already aware of it. There are no obvious suspicious situations.” Previously, Daniel, 37, went missing from the area of ​​Dukes Road, which is in Rutherglen in Lanarkshire, and was last seen on Saturday. His disappearance sparked a frantic search as police officers requested information.

Who is Daniel Rooney Rutherglen?

Tragically, police officials have claimed that a body has now been discovered. After hearing this news, the family of the missing person is devastated and his fear comes true. The police are still investigating the matter and seeking information related to the body. The police are reviewing all the angles related to this disappearance and end up with the corpse, but still, the police need to formally detect the identification of the body. As of now we only have this much information, but we will soon update this section as soon as new developments hit our radar.

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