Money ritual gone bad! A yahoo boy turned into a strange creature in broad daylight

Different things are happening in different places in the country. A 21 years old boy turned to bird after doing money ritual.

The incident happened last week Friday the 22nd of this month at about 12 noon. A little boy turned to bird in broad daylight in the city of Abe-okuta ogun state. An eye witness said the boy who was boasting to buy a 350 Luxus Jeep a day before the incident suddenly turned to bird.

When asked, it was revealed that the Yahoo boy did money ritual and was trying to consult Spiritual money when the incident occurred. The father of the Yahoo boy also confirmed that the boy was always aiming to be rich without doing any work.

The incident has thrown the city into panic and confusion as there was no way to revive him to human being. As at the time of filing the report the bird was still breathing . Unfortunately the fear of touching the bird gripped the parents as no body want to touch the bird because of the unknown.

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A very powerful pastor was invited to the scene of the incident who prayed for almost two hours to revive the bird to human being, but all efforts were proved abortive. A strong and powerful herbalist came for the rescue of the Yahoo boy tried all his powers, but nothing happened. Surprisingly both the pastor and the herbalist could not touch the bird in spite of their acclaimed powers.

The parents called a member of the family in port Harcourt and he sent the contact of a Spiritualist called Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone+23407019357444, WhatsApp +23407019357444.Address No 5 Faraji street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria.

The boys father contacted the spiritualist and he asked him to go because there was no chance for him to travel. The father went to him and explained the incident. The Spiritualist asked him to buy some itemized Spiritual materials. Having bought the Spiritual items he prepared a water and put inside a 10 litres of gallon and ordered him to go and sprinkle it on the bird.but the condition attached to it is that he must not talk or have hands shake with anybody till he perform the act.

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The visibly shaking father actually came the following day and applied the spiritual water. Within a minute the Yahoo boy turned back to human being after two days. The Yahoo boy saw people gathered around him and asked what transpired, but his parents didn’t make any comment and rushed him home without delay.

In case you are worried about your situation in life whether spiritual or physical that defies all solution. You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for help. This is because the Spiritualist understand the mystery of life through the ancestors. He is a God sent to our generation to heal and deliver the helpless in our society.

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