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Mormon Utah TikTok Mom Drama On Reddit Taylorfrankiepaul Controversy: Recently a name was trending on the internet. Her name was Taylor Frank Paul aka Mormon Mom. She was the mother of two children. And she was quite famous on the Tiktok platform. She creates content by doing dancing, lip-syncing, and featuring her adorable baby boy. Her short clip went viral on the internet and garnered millions of views in just 30 seconds of the video. On one of her videos, she got 17.5 million views which are insane. Follow More Update On

Who Is Mormon Mom on TikTok?

Through these platforms, she gained so much popularity and followers on her Tiktok account. Many people knew her and some wanted to collaborate with her. She earns a lot through sponsorship. Some people found her videos useful while some people found her videos funny. Recently one tweeted that accidentally got this TikTok and wow I don’t like this lady. She lies about being Mormon, her age, and having a fake home, and then the mother shames women who choose to breastfeed. no, thanks.

Mormon Mom TikTok and Reddit Drama Explained

She says that she was a single mother and was going to divorce her husband. Yes, you heard it right. She was divorcing her husband, Tate Paul. The reason for her divorce was not yet known. Maybe she doesn’t like her husband’s attitude or he misbehaves with her. Who knows what is the truth. The exact statement did not come out. She was an American TikToker. And she was good at acting. Some people see them as positive while others see them as negative.

Utah TikTok Mom Drama

There are rumors on social media that she was having an affair with a man named Braydon Rowley. She is seen with him all the time. And she was happy with him and she loves to spend time with him. Brandon Rowley is a native of Utah who gained popularity when the affair between Taylor Frankie Paul and Tate Paul broke out. It is not known how he got engaged to her. Maybe she fell in love at first sight or she noticed a unique quality that makes her curious to know more about him later. It is not known when he started dating her and how their date turned into love. Everyone was covering the news. Rowley’s name first appeared on Reddit and since then it started trending on the internet.

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