Moskva sinking video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Moskva sinking

Moskva sinking video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube Russia Moskva Sinking: The last two years have been very difficult for Moscow amid the Russia-Ukraine War. President Putin has suffered a major setback in the Black Sea when the missile cruiser Moskva leading his fleet in the Black Sea was seriously damaged. After this, the news is that the Russian warship is now buried in the Black Sea

However, Ukraine claims that the ship was attacked by two missiles from its side. It is not yet completely clear whether it was due to the attack or due to some technical fault or human error.

Moskva sinking video

Meanwhile, it is very important to know how much damage has been caused to Russia by this incident. What were the specialties of this warship? Also, what does this incident teach military planners around the world? Let us tell you that this is the biggest loss to any naval ship during the war in the last 40 years.

According to a CNN report, the ship sank off the coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea on Thursday. Russia’s Defense Ministry says the fire, which started for unknown reasons, destroyed the ship’s ammunition. It was because of these explosions that Moskva was heavily damaged. The battleship was being escorted to a nearby port after such severe damage. During this time this ship sank in the middle of the sea.

Moskva sinking video Twitter

Ukraine, on the other hand, says that it attacked Moskva with anti-ship cruise missiles and that is why it caught fire. Due to this fire, the ammunition kept in it exploded.

US and Western defense officials seem to support Ukraine’s claim. CNN quoted a source close to the latest intelligence as saying that the US does not believe with full confidence, but to some extent, believes that Ukraine’s claims are accurate.

Moskva was armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as torpedoes, naval guns, and missile systems. This means that there was a huge amount of explosives on it.

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