Motorcyclists Air Lifted To Trauma Centers After Motorcycle V. Semi-truck Accident In Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. –  According to the Lompoc Police Department, an accident involving a motorcycle and a semi-truck occurred in the 1300 block of North H Street. As a result of the collision, two motorcyclists required emergency medical transportation to a trauma center. According to reports from the police department, officers were called out at 2:39 p.m. on Monday to find the two victims lying injured on the ground.

According to the police, the officers were able to determine that the motorcycle was splintering lanes when traffic was halted because the rear passenger rose up, which led the driver of the motorcycle to lose his balance. According to the reports of the Lompoc police, the driver then lost their footing, which resulted in both occupants falling into lane two, in the space between a trailer and a semi-truck.

According to the reports the police, the semi-truck moved forward as soon as the light turned green, pulling the motorcycle and both of its occupants behind it. According to the police department, the truck driver observed the motorcyclists in his rearview mirror, felt the trailer shift, looked back in his mirror, and then promptly came to a halt and phoned the police.

Both the rider and the passenger were taken to trauma centers for the treatment of injuries received to their legs, according to the police, and neither the rider nor the passenger appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of the accident. Anyone who may have additional information on this accident was requested to get in touch with the Lompoc Police Department through their website, which can be found here.

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