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MP Ratlam Woman Gives Birth To Child With Two Heads

A shocking piece of news is coming to the front. In Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, a mother gave birth to a child with two heads and three hands. Yes, as shocking as it seems, the news is true. The incident is reported from MP’s district which has been creating a lot of buzz on social media. Everyone is stunned to learn about the baby having not one but two heads along with three hands. It is also reported that the newborn baby even has two spinal cords. Check further details here.

Shaheen, a resident of Javra, is the mother of a child born with two heads and three hands. While the baby has two heads in one body, it contains three arms too. The third hand is located between the two faces, towards the back. The youngster was admitted to Ratlam’s SNCU for a while before being transferred to MY Hospital in Indore. Taking the baby’s health into consideration, the hospital staff at Ratlam made the decision to refer the child to a hospital situated in Indore. Even though the child has been shifted to Indore, the mother of the child is still admitted to Ratlam hospital.

Earlier, this baby appeared to be a twin on sonography. The child’s health, according to SNCU in charge, Dr. Naved Qureshi, is critical. Although the medical staff is trying their best to save the life of the child, it can not be confirmed if the baby can survive. As per reports, many children die in the womb or within 48 hours of delivery under this situation. There is, however, the option of surgery in such circumstances. However, 60 to 70% of these children do not make it. It also happens to be one of the rare cases to happen in the world, let alone in India.

Dr. Brajesh Lahoti who is currently treating the newborn baby has stated that this is the couple’s first child. Brajesh added that it is a rare case and that their life is not very long. It was further said that the child’s upper part of the body is normal but it has two spinal cords and one stomach. The doctor said that the condition is quite complex and called the condition “Dicephalic Parapagus”. Brajesh Lahoti said that the child’s weight is around 3 KG and they also saw movement in its body. Nevertheless, the newborn child happens to be in a critical stage.


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