Mr. President’s Up’n Away Lyrics

Up’n away, we’d like a spot to cover Gonna stand up, gonna stand up Up’n away, we gonna fly so excessive Gonna stand up, gonna stand up I wanna get away, wanna stand up and get away I wanna get away, wanna stand up and get away I wanna get away, wanna stand up and get away I wanna get away, gonna stand up, gonna stand up

Souls could fly, visions blur deep as any dancetrack you’ve heard Blowing storms as I inform smacking some funk on a dance realm Blasting brains he needs in If you could ask who it’s ? It’s dancefloor knocking, my sibliminual title Sir Prophet My quest success from the celebs has torn me adn my flame aside But there’s a creation by man That can convey us again collectively once more


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Second and minutes, minutes from hours From days all the best way as much as weeks Dying from the crime of time, Slipping down by way of the hour glass as I converse Europe and America Thousands of miles, sure, between the 2 The creation of man I can fly will convey me again to you No extra unhappy instances, our ardour will return in the present day Tonight I’ll really feel you ‘cos child I can fly up and away

Finally we’ve been requested, to shift right into a dancing climax Heavy rain, the deepest snow, can’t Stop the sound of dance flooring Now the flavored stream has hit ya, so I say you greatest bear in mind The pressure that can hold us excessive Up ‘n away…

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