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WATCH: Mundia Viral Video Zambia Twitter And Reddit Explained: A video has taken social media by storm, especially in Zambia. Currently, a video is roaring on the internet and that video also became the cause of the loss of the education minister’s powers. Yes, you heard it right, due to the ongoing viral video the Education minister of Zambia has been fired from his post with immediate effects. David Mabumba is the man who recently lost his chair in the Education Ministry of Zambia. But what is the reason and why he has been fired from his post with immediate effects? There are various questions that might be catering in your mind regarding this news. However, we make you educated that the reason behind this happening is a viral video of education minister David Mabumba. There is a lot of information to learn about the ongoing video and you should know all the important aspects of this viral story. Have a look at the below-placed sections to learn more about it. Follow More Update On

Mundia Viral Video Zambia

Edgar Lungu, the president of Zambia sacked David Mabumba over a viral video of a man similar to him. But what was in the video and why it is arresting people’s attention so much? According to the reports, we have found that a video got leaked and went viral on social media. Furthermore, it has also been known that the video was leaked from WhatsApp and now making high rounds on every major social media platform. Reportedly, a man is being seen naked with a woman in the video. Further, the alleged man is performing private activities with the woman in the video. And the man in the video is said to be just like the education minister.

Mundia Viral Video Zambia Twitter And Reddit

President Lungu’s spokesperson named Issac Chipampe said, “I did not give a reason for my dismissal of Mabemba”. And DiPrecido dropped a tweet that quoted, “he would remove Oga Mabemba effectively immediately.” Oga Mabemba was appointed in 2016 to the cabinet. Currently, Oga Mabumba is 48 years of age.

Dark clouds have surrounded the education minister due to an ongoing viral leaked video. However, the Zambian police reported that they are not supposed to investigate this matter and would not advise the civilians to stop sharing the video. We are constantly working on it and will surely provide you with an update as something exclusive comes up. Stay tuned to this website for further developments.

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