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My Doctor Told Me To Stop Taking My Feminine Pills Because Am Growing Boobs



Controversial Nigerian crossdresser and philanthropist Okuneye Idris well known as Bobrisky has shared to her fans the advice his doctor gave him.

Bobrisky has been crossdressing for over five years now. He used to be dark in complexion however do to certain drugs he has consumed his skin gradually transformed in a couple of months running into years.

The drugs Bobrisky takes does not only help with her skin but also change his hormones to that of the other gender. After his gender gradually changed his hormones ended up having physical attributes of the gender he has always wanted to be.

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However, Bobrisky is one of the cross-dressers who confuse his fans and followers over his gender. This is because Bobrisky reveals himself to be a woman and sometimes poses as a man. He was once sense dressed without his accessories like his long hairs, nails, makeups, and wearing of female outfits when he visited his father to throw a surprise birthday for him in his house.

Bobrisky has taken to his page to share a video gushing over himself. He revealed that his doctor has advised him to stop taking his feminine pills for a while because he has started growing natural breasts. He captioned his post, “Sometimes I asked myself how I manage to look dis beautiful, have stopped my feminine homos pills 💊 a long time ago, cos I was growing natural boobs. So my doctor ask me to stop ✋”.

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