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Naagin 6 22th May 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6, Full Episode 22th May 2022 Written Update, Pratha’s Maha Tandav In Front of Mahadev, #Naagin #Full #Episode #22th #Written #Update #Prathas #Maha #Tandav #Front #Mahadev Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

Indian Supernatural Television show, Naagin 6 have made its amazing hype among the fans and once again, another episode will bring lots of entertaining moments and twists as well. Those who love to watch this amazing trending serial know about the upcoming episode and what will appear in the next few episodes. In the last episode we have seen something twisting in which, Pratha asked to Dadi about the reality but Dadi couldn’t told her at that time but later, in the night, Pratha found a ring on her dressing table and remembered Dadi and her words.

Suddenly, Pratha’s eyes read “Naag Mehel” written on the mirror. Pratha got confused and thought what is Dadi trying to tell her but couldn’t? Is something stopping her to reveal anything and she is trying to reveal in this way. Well, there are lots of things to watch in Sunday’s episode and now, Pratha will take a new step in her journey where she will find some realities against Seema, and others. Pratha thought that some realities of Seema’s Chanda’s and others are hidden in the Naag Mehel and she will have to go there to find out the truth.

Well, the latest promo video of the show is revealing something interesting because Pratha is going to take another step toward Naag Mehel where she will find something new. Now, the upcoming promo video shows that Pratha will do a Maha Tandav in front of Shiv’s statue and will ask 7th Jahan in return of a wish. Later, she will go to Patalok and bring back an Amrit Kalash. Along with this, Pratha will get to know that Bannu is the husband of Seema and the father of Rena, which will be a surprising moment in the latest episode.

When Pratha will bring Amrit Kalash in the present, something twisting will take place when Seema will go into a coma and her chapter will be closed forever. Later, when Rishabh will hear Rehan and that girl, he will take action against Pratha and will kick Pratha out of the house but due to this, Pratha will call Chanda to the house. But soon, Pratha will come back to the same house and clear all the doubts of Rishabh because they love each other and maybe, Rishabh will also believe on her because he also loves her. So, what are you waiting for? The latest episode of Naagin 6 will begins tonight at 8 PM on ColorsTv. Keep in touch with us to know more latest updates.

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