Naagin 6 Written Update 17th April 2022 Episode Pratha Kills Her Father

Hello, all the Naagin lovers, we are back with the exclusive updates of your favorite and quite anticipated TV Drama “Naagiun Season 6” as the 17th April 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama. Where you will watch that Pratha is going to stick into the trouble as her father will be unveiled as a demon among those 20 who are trying to steal the “Naagmani” in short, it will not too easy for her to kill her father. But Pratha will have to do this otherwise her father will be surrounded by the entire “Naagin World” from all four corners after getting the “Naagmani”.

At the same time, when his secret reveals in front of her she gets shocked because she had not even amused that her father will be one among those 20. Initially, she tries to talk to him so that, he could turn into a human back and live a simple life. But he denies it by saying that once he will get the “Naagmani” then no one will be able to defeat him as he will become super powerful. But Pratha continuously says that he does not need to come into all these, as the procedure is lethal enough.

Meanwhile, Pratha asks her father where he hides the poison please let her familiar with that but he refuses by warning, that if a single drop of the poison touches the icy surface then everything will be destroyed because the intensity of the poison is high enough, which she could not think. Pratha requests him but he is adamant about his words because he knows that as long as he will hide the location of the poison Pratha can not do anything, as she is helpless. But as soon as the time is passing Pratha’s anger is getting enhanced and therefore, now she will not make herself stop killing her father.

Then Pratha rushes to find the location of the poison and reaches the Ram Temple which is located deep in the icy forest. She touches her head to the threshold of the Temple and prays to Lord Ram for helping her as she has stuck into the trouble because her father came as a demon. Sponteniously, she gets the equipment and hence she hits her father with those which becomes the cause of his passing. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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