NASCAR Racer Bobby East Parents And Family


Bobby East died unexpectedly after being stabbed at a gas station in southern California last week. He is a former NASCAR driver and three-time National Champion of the American Automobile Club.

East of San Dimas was stabbed in the chest Wednesday at Gas Station 76, according to a statement released by Westminster Police.

The statement further noted that stabbing suspect Trent William Millsap was shot and killed Friday while he was being pursued by police in Anaheim.

Does Bobby East have siblings?

Bobby East has never revealed anything about his siblings online, so it’s unclear if he has any. Although there is no information about them online, Dongfang is a national celebrity.

Torrance-born Californian East has won 22 USAC national mini-races. He also has 22 USAC National Midget feature wins.

In 2008, the young East raced in the Truck Series and the Xfinity Series. In addition, he won three times on the American Automobile Club Tour. East also won USAC Silver Crowns in 2004, 2012, and 2013.

He developed an interest in racing from an early age and later raced in USAC, ARCA, and NASCAR. In addition to his three AAA titles, he later won the SAC Silver Championship in 2012 and 2013.

Who are Bobby East’s parents? meet his family

Bob and Janice East are USAC Hall of Fame automakers and Bobby East’s parents. East, who has been living a quiet life, has avoided talking about his family online.

His father was known for building short-track racing cars. In addition to winning the Silver Crown in 2012 and 2013, East also won the 2004 USAC National Midget Championship.

He broke the record for the youngest driver in 2001 when he was 16 years old and won the USAC National Small Car race. In 2004, he won 15 USAC races and briefly raced NASCAR.

He had 11 career starts in the now-defunct NASCAR Xfinity Series and two top-10 finishes in 31 Truck Series races.

Bobby East stabbed by homeless Trent Williams Millsap

A homeless man stabbed Bobby East Millsap, Trent Williams

US NASCAR driver Bobby East was allegedly attacked by a homeless man named Trent William Millsap. He was at the gas station when William was brutally murdered in Westminster, California.

The charges allege Millsap also stabbed another man at the station. He apparently visited the motel in the typically safe neighborhood of Westminster.

According to TMZ, the report claims he has a valid search warrant. He allegedly fled the scene after being deemed threatening and armed.

Police transported him to the nearest trauma facility while paramedics worked to save his life, according to authorities’ records.

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