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Natural herbal ways to cure diabetes permanently with abeere seed



Cure fo diabetes

(1) Get abeere seed, english name miracle seed, get enough coconut water like 3litter, soak the miracle/abeere seed inside 4litter with the coconut water for 4days to ferment.

Dossage half glass cup morning and night.

(2) Grind 6 bults of big onions and add 1 bottle of original honey.

Dossage, 1 table spoon 3times daily.

(3) to be continue.

Get the following items for ANIA

(1), Its yoruba name < asunrun oyinbo leave cook it and shifter it. Dossage 1cup once in a day.

(2) Get ewe taba. English name tobaco leave, male cow urine, { soak the ewe taba/tobaco leave in a gallon and tone the cow urine on it, and leav it for 3days to ferment}. Dossage half glass cup twice a day.

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