Natural ways to prevent pregnancy even without taking pills.

Today, I will be teaching you easy way to prevent pregnancy, before anything I would like you to know that it is better to prevent pregnancy than to get rid of it.

Many working class parents always have this issue Because, in an establishment where you work as a woman they don, ‘t expect you to be getting pregnant all the time is just like most of our youth who end having an unwanted pregnancy which led to their parents chasing them out of the house.

One of the naturals way to prevent pregnancy to is the use of lime orange or lemon, from the moment you make out with your husband or boyfriend till three days you can still take care of it, but once it exceeds that day you are putting yourself in harm’s way if you don, ‘t want to get pregnant at the moment. squeeze out the juice or you can boil it without peeling the back for 10 minutes before drinking it.

We have also had another effective natural way which is the use of ginger and garlic boil them together or you can soak them for three days before drinking, it is very effective and cheap too but most people don, ‘t know about it because they have become so used to taking pills which might have side effects on them unlike these natural ways.

And I can never forget the use of salt is very effective too, adding on tea spoon of salt into half glass cup of water and taking immediately after making out or before three days time, to avoid story that touches the heart 😁.

Take care of yourself as a youth your future is important if you can even stay away from making out as a single person then it will help you, but as a married woman it is important you keep the numbers of your children in check considering what’s going on in the world today.

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