Navy plane crashes today, Navy plane crashes in water in Accomack County

A U.S. Navy plane crashed near Chincoteague in Accomak County on Wednesday night, according to NASA officials.

The Coast Guard’s Mid-Atlantic region confirmed to WAVY that the crew was responding to the plane that crashed in the water near Wildcat Swamp.

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The Coast Guard launched a helicopter from a station in Elizabeth City and a boat from Chincoteague.

NASA officials told WAVY that the NASA emergency response team received a report from a Navy aircraft near Wallops Island. Staff responded around 7:45 p.m., they said.

WAVY’s sister station in Richmond, WRIC, said the Coast Guard had notified them of the crash of an Osprey plane with three people on board. One person was still missing as of 9:35pm. Two legs were broken. A third person was last seen wearing a seatbelt and falling with the partially submerged plane.

Local reports said the crash involved a Navy V-22 Osprey, but the Coast Guard did not confirm what type of aircraft it was or if anyone was rescued or missing.

A Coast Guard helicopter was dispatched to the scene from Elizabeth City and a motor lifeboat, a spokesman said.

The time of the incident is unclear, but the Coast Guard received a call for help around 7:30 p.m.

The Coast Daily News reported that two people were outside the plane and a third was missing.

Fox News has reached out to the Navy for comment.

A similar plane crashed in Norway earlier this month, killing four marines. The MV-22B Osprey crashed during a cold reaction exercise involving 220 aircraft, 30,000 soldiers and 50 ships from 27 countries.

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