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Never Throw Away Pop Tabs Again, See Things You Can Do With Them



Throwing away pop tabs should never be an option because of the creative ideas contained in this article. The following ideas will reveal certain useful and brilliant things you can use pop tabs for, instead of throwing them into the waste bins. 

These pop tabs are mostly gotten from popped canned drinks, and virtually everyone loves a canned drink. Although, only a few persons realize the importance of keeping a pop tab after the consumption of canned drink, as a matter of fact; this article will open your eyes to different possible and simple ways to utilize your pop tabs.

Here’s 15 creative and simple ways pop tabs can be useful

1: They can be used as a water bottle holder:

2: They can serve as wall frame hangings:

3: They can serve as mini purse and handbags:

4: They can be used to make a necklace:

5: They can serve as lampshades:

6: They can be used to make an embroidery floss belt:

7: They can serve as earrings:

8: They can be used also to make room divider, or curtains:

9: They can be used to make a hat:

10: It can use them to make neck ties and bracelets:

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11: They can be used to make a crown:

12: You can use pop tabs to make a dress :

13: They can use them as clothes space saver:

14: They can be used to make a Chandelier:

15: They can be used to make shoes and sandals: