New Braunfels High School Shooting, Lockdown Inside The School, No Students Were Harmed, Suspect Name!

Shooting incident at New Braunfels High School

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New Braunfels High School in New Braunfels was threatened with shooting or discharging a firearm while the school was still in operation. After the police were informed of the threat, they ran into the area and sealed it off causing a lockdown inside the school. After hours and hours of lockdown the police finally released the students saying there was no threat to the students and they were relieved after investigations. Massive police gathered at the school to investigate the school and find out what was going on. Please let us know more in detail about the shooting or threat to the school and also about the investigations. Follow our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Shooting incident at New Braunfels High School

According to the sources, an anonymous threat to the school by an open firearm was suspected and the police rushed to the police. When the police arrived at the school, they locked the school down for hours and after investigations were completed, the police evacuated the building by going from room to room. This incident occurred on a Thursday school weekday. According to school officials, the entire building has been on lockdown since 3 pm Thursday and the threat was recorded through the p3 information line for students. Police said that because the children’s safety was a priority, the lockdown lasted for hours.

Lockdown inside school after New Braunfels High School shooting

According to sources and police officers, there was no threat to the school so far, as the investigation did not result in any threats. All the students were sent to the stadium until the police were investigating and the police were also searching every corner of the eth school for the shooter. After 6 pm, the students were released from lockdown and the school returned to normal. The School District released a statement saying multiple law enforcement officers were in the recusal and all were investigating the school. The statement also revealed that school officials are grateful for the help from law enforcement.

Who is the suspect?

The police that were on the rescue of the school were NBPD, Comal County Sheriff’s Department and officers, Sequin PD, Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department, DPS and NBFD as well. In addition to all this, several other agencies were also located to help and investigate the other location of the school of eth. So far no arrests have been made and police are trying to find out where the shooting or shooting started from. No, injuries or threats have been reported and all protocols have been strictly followed to eradicate any type of threat as well. During the time the school was closed, no one was allowed to enter or leave the school for protection.

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