New Details Revealed About Wendy Williams’ Talk Show Exit

Wendy Williams’ former manager and colleagues are speaking out about the final months of the Wendy Williams Show.

The syndicated talk show came to an end June 17 following a rotation of guest hosts, who filled in for Williams as she attended to health problems, per a Sept. 2021 statement. But as the series drew to a close, Williams said that she hoped to return to her iconic purple chair in the near future. 

While Debar-Mercury, the production company behind the show, was initially hopeful Williams could return, the company’s executive vp of programming Lonnie Burstein said to The Hollywood Reporter Aug. 17 it eventually became clear that Williams’ condition wasn’t going to improve enough for her to host again. “To this day,” he said in THR’s report outlining the long-running show’s demise, “we don’t know truly what the issue is.”

However, as the production company started looking at next steps for the show, Williams’ former manager, Bernie Young, remained optimistic given the host’s previous bouts with illnesses. Young, who learned he was fired by Williams online, shared to THR, “She got sick the year before, and she was very sick one day and the next day she was 300 percent better, so while they’re searching [for answers], I’m saying, ‘That could happen.’”

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