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New way of using Razor Blades and Magnet to have unlimited access to Internet to Browse and Download



Today, We will be showing our selfs how you can use that same razor blades together with a magnet and a USB cable to have unlimited access to the internet to browse and download anything. In other words no more I have no data.


Just follow through the step by step procedures below on how to do it.

Step 1. Get ready your magnet, razor blades and a USB cable which are the needed materials.

Step 2. Cut the USB cable and you will see four wires with different colours.

Step 3. Cut away the white and the milk coloured wires leaving only the red and green wires.

Step 4. Place and tie each of the wires to a new razor blade

Step 5. Bring a magnet close to it continuously for 30seconds

Step 6. Finally, place the magnet in between the two razor blades

Step 7. Bring your phone that does not have data and try to browse, of course it will show no internet connection as seen below.

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Step 8. Place the USB cable cord that is been connected to the razor blades and magnet to the phone as show below.

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Step 9. Go back and try to browse again and it will automatically load and you can now start browsing the internet and downloading what ever you may like.

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