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Niamh De Brun Parents Meet Husband TJ Reid And Family


She was employed by the Kilkenny pharmaceutical company AbbVie as a senior talent acquisition specialist.

Her creative blog is largely responsible for her notoriety, and she uses her Instagram page to keep her 64k followers informed about her day-to-day activities.

In her fashion posts, Niamh not only brags about her husband and their adorable pup, Casper but also offers some style advice.

Who are Niamh De Brunโ€™s parents?

The parents of the Limerick-born fashion blogger are. Her mother, Brid De Brun, has about 49 followers on Instagram under the username @brid debris. Her profileโ€™s privacy settings are turned on.

On the other hand, no one knows her fatherโ€™s name. However, she shared photos of them on social media along with the quote โ€œTime is the best gift you can give someoneโ€.

In addition, Niamhโ€™s fashion photos, ranging from casual wear to stylish suits, from neutral shades to vibrant colors, have garnered thousands of likes.

Niamh and her husband TJ raised around โ‚ฌ10,000 in April 2021 for the Milford Care Centre in Niamhโ€™s hometown of Limerick.

As a hospice inpatient facility, Milford Care Center provides comprehensive community services. These include nursing homes, care centers for the elderly and children in need of palliative care, and home hospice care.

Fashion blogger Niamh De Brun shares a home in Ballyhale with husband TJ Reid

Niamh lives with her husband, TJ Reid, in a beautiful country house in Ballyhale, close to Niamh to commute to work in Kilkenny and to keep TJ on a rigorous training schedule.

The two have been married for nearly seven years. He proposed to the Cork, Ireland-based influencer in March 2019.

She spent some time walking down the aisle because Niamh and TJ had to keep putting off their wedding.

When they got engaged in 2019, they intended to get married in December, but the pandemic forced them to postpone their wedding to November 2021.

Finally, on November 26, 2021, the couple said โ€œI doโ€ at Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adair County, Limerick. The couple revealed their first pregnancy last month and Niamh is currently halfway through.

Influencer Niamh De Brun is younger than her partner TJ Reid

At the time of writing, Niamh appears to be a few years younger than her 34-year-old spouse, TJ Reid. Although the age of the fashion influencer is unknown, she is believed to be in her early 30s.

She also tweeted a photo of her birthday in 2016, showing her birthday was March 5th.

Thomas Joseph Reid was also born on 16 November 1987 in Watford, Ireland.

Newlyweds have a net worth in the millions

TJ and Niamh may each have a net worth in the millions of dollars because they both have successful careers. How much money they actually make or how rich they remain a mystery.

The couple is also rumored to share a gorgeous country mansion as their home. The house has a spacious foyer, a grand staircase, a modern kitchen, a living room with windows overlooking the countryside, and a beautiful brick fireplace.

Fashion blogger Niamh also works for pharmaceutical company AbbVie as a senior talent acquisition specialist. In addition to being a professional thrower, TJ works as a dairy farmer, gym owner, and personal trainer.


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