Nigerian Politician Kemi Nelson’s Death After Longterm Illness

Nigerian socialite and politician Kemi Nelson serves as Executive Director of the Nigeria Insurance Social Trust Fund (NSF). She is also the only female representative on the Lagos State Governor’s Advisory Council.

In the 1980s, when General Ibrahim Babangida came to power, Nelson joined the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC). In 1992, she tried to run for the western Lagos Senate seat, but Borah Ahmed Tinub defeated her in the general election.

In 1998, during General Abacha’s dictatorship, she ran for the Ikeja federal constituency in the House of Representatives, this time as a UNCP member. But even though she won, the election was called off due to General Abacha’s death.

Nigerian politician Kemi Nelson dies of long-term illness

Nigerian politician Kemini Nelson died at the age of 66 after her family revealed she had been suffering from a chronic illness.

APC Deputy National Propaganda Minister Murtala Yakubu Ajaka expressed regret over the unexpected death of Lagos party leader Chief Nelson.

An APC spokesperson told reporters in a statement that Mrs. Nelson’s death was a great loss to the APC family. Ajaka claimed the deceased was a generous politician who was committed to being the APC of the current government.

The Deputy Publicity Writer offered his condolences on behalf of the Lagos State APC family and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is running for APC chairman. He called Mrs. Nelson’s death a personal loss.

According to a statement from her family, “Chief Nelson passed away last weekend from a brief illness. 66 was her age.” Several lawmakers paid tribute to her and her family at the sad time of her death.

What’s wrong with Kemini Nelson?

Kemini Nelson battled a long-term illness, but her advanced age kept her from surviving.

She had been ill for some time and was confused about seeking help from various hospitals in Nigeria. Many believed her condition would get worse as she got older.

Her exact illness or condition has not been crystallized, and neither her family nor any other sources have made her condition public online.

Nelson is said to have died after a long illness, although the exact cause of her death is unknown.

But once news of her passing spread online, people started sharing Kemi’s tributes and obituaries on their social media profiles.

Kemi Nelson Husband: More About Her Family

Kemmie Nelson’s husband, Adeyemi Nelson, and her family are now her only survivors. When Kemi died recently, they were still together after their 1987 marriage.

Additionally, Kemi and her husband Adeyemi have three children, but neither their names nor any other information about them has been released.

Her husband, Adeyemi, a former federal interior minister, must be mourning the loss of his wife at the moment.

Adeyemi’s working life is well known, but little data is available on his private life. As a result, he spent most of his life hidden from the public eye and the media spotlight.

Kemi had a considerable net worth thanks to her work, and now that she has passed away, her family is probably doing well thanks to the money she earned from this profession.

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