Nima Denzongpa 30th April Episode 2022 Written Update Spoilers

Nima denzongpa

In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched Mona fumes seeing that Nima and her daughter seized all the attention of the veneration. Her relatives praised Nima and tells Gulshan that you are quite fortunate that she got a daughter in law like Nima. Gulshan smiles and even started enjoying Nima’s songs. Mona gets extremely jealous and tries to harm Nima. She then goes behind her and is about to throw a lit lamp on Nima’s saree. But just then Priyal comes and tried to stop her sister but in vain. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa’s written update.

Nima gets scared seeing her Saree is burning Priyal comes there and tries to save her. Meanwhile, Virat comes and throws water on her saree. Everyone rushed to Nima and asks if she is fine. But Nima asks Priyal if she is okay as she is the only one who tried to set the fire off. But Priyal apologised that she mistakenly arrived at the veneration, she said that she saw fire and rushed here without even thinking once.  Priyal is about to leave when Nima notices that Priyal got burned.

Priyal goes to her room and applies ointment on it, meanwhile, Nima comes there and says to let her happy it and suggests she keep it away from water for a while. Priyal appreciates Nima and says no one cares for me but you are with me. She says even her sister left her in between, so forgive her. She hugs her amidst Manya arrived there and says Aai taught us that the one who saves is bigger than one of takes life. She says that you committed a mistake and but now you have repented it by saving her Aai’s life. Manya suggests Nima forgive Priyal as of now.

Nima and Manya take Priyal out of the room everyone gets shocked seeing her. Nima then says that she knows that Priyal committed a sin but she still deserves a chance. Nima says that this isn’t my house so she can forgive you on her behalf but you have to ask other members of this house. Virat also forgive Priyal Gulshan also did the same.

Sia, there is talking on the phone just then Virat comes there and tries to make her understand but instead of getting understood, Sia warns him that he is falling in love with Nima so beware before your heart gets broken. Tune in to Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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