Northwestern Hospital shooting today, active shooter? whats happened?

An officer with a shield and rifle walks into Northwestern Hospital Sunday evening in Chicago.

Northwestern Hospital shooting today, active shooter? whats happened? image 343
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago on lockdown live updates – Intruder alert sparks huge police response

From an officer at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital situation: The call from the supposed offender came from outside the hospital. OEMC records show the call came from a landline.

A large number of police officers were seen at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s flagship campus in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood on Sunday night, according to pictures and videos posted on social media.

Details were not immediately released, but the Chicago Police Department said a media mass was set up in the St. Clair and Superior street area. Police did not initially provide any further information.

A representative from Northwestern Medicine’s public relations department told NBC 5 that they were investigating the situation and did not provide any information until about 9:15 p.m.

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