Nyc Subway Brooklyn Shooting Video Explored


A gunshot occurred during the morning rush hour at a New York City subway station, injuring sixteen people.

Authorities are looking for a metro passenger who put on a gas mask, used a gas canister, and then started shooting at commuters as a train rolled into a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday morning, hurting at least 16 people.


In images from the event, bloodied passengers were seen laying on the floor of the smoke-filled station.

Ten of those receiving medical attention were shot, while others suffered from smoke inhalation and injuries incurred during the initial panic.

Five patients are critically ill but are expected to recover. According to officials, none of the injured are considered to be in a life-threatening situation.

Officers are still trying to figure out why the attack happened.

The suspect was identified as a black male wearing a green work vest and a grey hooded sweatshirt by police.

Investigators will try to piece together video of the suspect entering and exiting the subway system, as well as discover the source of any smoke devices found at the site, according to Porchin.

Trains entering and exiting the station were halted, causing considerable traffic congestion. Students were told to hide in place while schools in the region were put on lockdown.

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