Old Town Shooting: CPD Officer Shoots, Kills Man On North Side, Chicago Fire And Police Say

Old Town Shooting – According to a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, an officer opened fire early on Sunday morning in the area of Old Town on Chicago’s North Side and fatally wounded a man.

Just after 5 o’clock in the morning, officers who were on patrol in the area of the 400 block of West Blackhawk Street were flagged down by a female neighbor who reported that someone had pointed a gun at her. According to the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, David Brown, the woman told the officers that someone had pointed a gun at her.

Officers then located the defendant, who, according to Brown, fled away from the police, which sparked a foot chase. After getting back into their squad car, the law enforcement officers again located the culprit, who was a male of approximately 20 years of age.

A cop opened fire with his weapon in an attempt to take him into custody, ultimately resulting in the suspect’s untimely death. Brown stated that shot casings that did not originate from the officer’s firearm were discovered in the area. Additionally found was a clip containing ammunition as well as a rifle.

After the event, there was a significant police presence in the neighborhood around Blackhawk Street and Hudson Avenue. As a result, certain routes were closed off. A big number of Chicago Police Department investigators could be spotted in the area shortly after six in the morning. Crime scene tape was used to shut off Blackhawk between Cleveland and Hudson avenues.

According to officials with the Chicago fire department, the event resulted in the hospitalization of a Chicago police officer who was 34 years old. According to CFD, he complained of having difficulty breathing and was sent to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. On Sunday morning, members of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability were there at the location.

According to statements made by neighbors, they heard anywhere from five to sixteen gunshots before to the incident, but they did not hear any form of altercation or fight.

Tim Blackmun, a neighbor, stated, “Right away, I identified it as gunfire and so I thought about calling the police, but I believed they’d be here in a minute, and I wasn’t exactly sure where to direct them.” “Right away, I recognized it as gunfire and so I considered calling the police” “About three to five minutes later, I heard a fire engine coming by, so I walked out on the balcony, looked outside, and when I glanced down the street, I saw a lot of blue lights,” the witness said.

The officer in question will spend the next month performing administrative activities that are considered to be normal.

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