Olivia Wilde Served Papers Live Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit!

Olivia Wilde an actor who is known for her skills is recently been getting the limelight. A video of her is getting viral where she is seen holding an envelope which she was handed over when she got on stage. The video has been trending on Twitter, and there is no such special reason for which this video should be on-trend and searched. The video is simple but, the reason for it getting viral is someone unusual. The video is trending and getting viral since the 26th of April. Olivia was attending a meeting at the industry conference. As she got on stage, a lady with an envelope in her hand entered and handed her over when Olivia got on the stage. As Olivia is a well-known personality the issue might be minor but due to her image, it is shared a lot. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Olivia Wilde Served Papers Live Video

There was nothing to be worried about, but what was the fuss all about? On the 26thof April, Olivia was having a discussion about her upcoming project “Don’t worry darling” which is supposed from the Warner Bros production house, which was held at Caesars Palace. At that moment the woman handed over the envelope and went by. There was no clue who the woman was. There were many famous people sitting there and most importantly the meeting was held at a private base. How come the woman entered and she not only just entered, came amongst others handed over the envelope, and left.

Olivia Wilde Served Papers Live Video Viral & Leaked

The main thing that the fuss is all about is this thing. The envelope had legal papers of Oliva’s husband, her children, and her former fiancé. Though Olivia was not at all bothered and she took it very calmly. The director was very disappointed though. Mitch Neuhauser stated that they never saw a common man entering so casually and getting right near the stage. He also said that he will precautions and measures for the safety of their staff. When asked about Olivia stated that neither her husband nor her fiancé would send so important papers so it is sent now.

When the woman reached the stage, Olivia asked is it for me? And took the envelope. She opened it said Okay, thanks, I’ve got it and then continued with her explanation. The incident was quite a bit questionable, as when her husband and her fiancé didn’t send her then who sent her the envelope at such moment and Olivia’s reply to the envelope was quite awkward. She hasn’t stated anything clearly until now.

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