OMG, has footage of the stray kids’ comeback preparations been leaked?

OMG, has footage of the stray kids’ comeback preparations been leaked? 

Poor Children Felix faces backlash after sending fans explicit messages using Bubble. On March 16th, the YouTube channel “[] Sojang” aired a video titled “Unbelievable demands from male stars to fans.” The communications Felix made to supporters using Bubble were uncovered by “[] Sojang,” who claimed, ” 

Felix from JYP’s Stray Kids told this to fans on March 6. 

The screenshots show Felix advising his followers to try silk blankets. It’s quite cosy and pleasantly chilly, not scorching. There is an excellent area close to my bed if you want to try it. I’ll let you sleep with me. Felix reportedly exclaimed, “Oh, it’s so hot.

I must have over-imagined being around you. You can’t read my thinking, which is good. What do you suppose I was contemplating? I’ll carry out your requests. The leather strap is wrapped around my neck thanks to you. He also left a voicemail that featured sounds of kissing and moaning.

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